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Changing the way you pay.

A composable standard for
splitting on-chain income on Solana.

Automated and Efficient.

Generate contracts that pay how you want, when you want. Set it once and automate your fleet's payment workflow.

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How it works

Powerful. Yet Simple.

You can easily automate your split payments in minutes.

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    Enter Wallet Address's and payout percentages for your split.
  • 2

    Choose your NFT (Optional) or SPL tokens to split.
  • 3

    Choose Automatic Payments and Payout Schedule or Choose to Split Manually
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    Set it and forget it!

You'll be in good company.

Great companies rely on SolSplits to manage their payment workflows.

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It's a network effect.

No matter the network,
we'll have you covered.

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Secure and Simple



On-chain data ensures complete transparency and security for transactions with no 3rd party APIs or dependencies.


Each Split is a payable smart contract that can receive and send SOL & SPL tokens.


Split contracts allow for stacking and complex templated splits as a wallet address alternative.


Stake hardware-associated NFTs  to enable automatic rewards targeting to your SolSplits Contract.


Since wallet addresses are specified at creation, only the associated wallet is able to ever claim funds.
Tax Efficient

Tax Efficient

Choose reward quantity and timing for lower taxable events and enable a flexible tax basis, without the need for 1099's to your hosts.
Simple and Scalable



0.005 SOL
per interaction
  • Unlimited Split Contracts
  • Stake Income Generating NFT
  • Manually Claim/Disburse Rewards


per transaction
  • Unlimited Split Contracts
  • Stake Income Generating NFT
  • Automatically Claim/Disburse Rewards
  • Schedule Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Create Templates and Stack Contracts
  • Infinite Split Configurations

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